About us

The Start...

Bunker Family Films started when Dad and family all contributed to purchase our first video camcorder for Mom's birthday in 1999. Dad wanted to record memories of their kids' growing years and send the videos to his parents who lived two states away. Dad told Mom he wasn't going to make "plain, old everyday home videos," so he started writing scripts, making props, and finding costumes to create fun, childhood skits. It became a tradition; every year, he would make a family home video as a Christmas present for Grandma and Grandpa.

Over the years, Dad got busier, and I became more interested in making the movies myself. I started writing the scripts, designing the costumes, and directing my siblings. I also added a new aspect: animation. My brother also became involved with movie making, and together, our family created ELFI.

 Bunker Family 2017

DVD and Blu-ray includes a bonus feature about the making of Elfi.

Merry Christmas!